AMINA CANDLE CO., is committed to making  quality, clean products for your home with the sole purpose of bringing a sense of peace and comfort to you and yours.​



Each candle is hand poured in small batches of coconut soy wax + fragrance oil.  Only ten candles of each scent are made at a time to ensure quality.  Our modern, simple vessels are meant to be reused whether it be through a candle refill or as a repurposed vessel to decorate and add to your home or cozy space.


Quality Matters.  Our coconut soy wax is free of toxins, gluten, paraben and phthalates to name a few.  It's a blend of natural coconut and soy that provides a slower burn for you to enjoy.


The goal of Amina Candle Candle Co. is to help you create your cozy space all while focusing on a cause, sharing our warmth warmth and light to others, in a world in need of just that.  It's the centre of all that we do and Amina Candle Co. is no different.  Light a candle in the darkness while we shine that light on Mental Awareness.


I've purchased the Prosecco + Pink Raspberries candle.  It is very attractive with pink and purple crystals  on the top.  The candle creates ambiance as the scent transforms the atmosphere to calm my mind and improve my mood!  My interaction with Chay was nice and easy and she is very polite!

Maliya Cruzat