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50 Ways to Reuse your Candle Vessels

Updated: Jul 7

If you are someone like me that has a deep affinity for candles in your home, then you

also probably have an abundance of candle vessels that don’t have a purpose, yet you feel guilty just throwing them out! DON’T!

Below is a list of all the creative ways you can find use of a candle vessel after it has done its job of making your home or office smell amazing. But before you begin storing household items, follow our easy instructions on how to revive your vessel back to life.

*To clean your vessel - pour hot water and allow leftover wax and oil to separate from glass. This will float to the top, simply remove, and toss in garbage. Clean the inside of the empty vessel with alcohol and it's as good as new.

1. Makeup brush holder

2. Toothbrush holder

3. Cocktail glass

4. Pen/pencil jar

5. Potpourri container

6. Cotton ball jar

7. Use it to plant a succulent

8. Use it for bar soap

9. Store your tea or coffee beans

10. Paperclips

11. Bacon grease jar

12. Jar for matches

13. A makeshift speaker for your phone (place phone inside empty jar with speaker facing down and Jam!)

14. Nail polish storage

15. Candy bowl

16. Jewelry storage

17. Paintbrush holder

18. Stack your cupcake liners

19. Bath bomb jar

20. Perhaps AMINA CANDLE CO candle refill :)

21. A piggy bank

22. Dog treat jar

23. Button collector

24. Wine cork collector

25. Hair ties and scrunchies

26. Loose screws/nails in your garage

27. Seashell collector

28. Glitter storage for your mod podge projects

29. Rubber bands

30. Wine cork

31. Sugar packets

32. Hair ties and scrunchies

33. Perhaps storage for what sanity you have left from 2022

34. Homemade body scrubs

35. Add a tealight for a quick dinner candle setting

36. Make a hot chocolate gift for a neighbour

37. Bobby pins (OMG Finally, a place to store these things!)

38. Gift Container, instead of a box

39. Kitchen spices

40. Use it to collect the souls of your enemies

41. Guitar picks holder for after your jam sessions

42. An ice cream bowl

43. Straw holder

44. Collector for positive affirmations- jot them down on a piece of paper and

read them when you’re having a hard day

45. chopstick holder

46. Date Night Idea Jar

47. Dried herb container

48. Glass jar luminary

49. Storage for garden seeds

50. A vase for flowers

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